Ah yes, the Blue whale. It's power is a tail slap which is effective on both predators and prey. Smash your enemies on land. The smash stuns animals for about 3 seconds which should give you enough time to attack them. If you log in to your google account you can earn coins to unlock golden skins and more for some animals. black dragons and king dragons are one of the predators to blue whales. King dragons have a tail slap that is activated by pressing s. There are animals called apex animals Dragons, Krakens, King Crabs, Phoenixes, Yetis, and t rex. The t rex's jaws can drag you on land, the dragon's fireballs can burn you, the kraken's whirlpool make you go toward the direction and they can kill you the yeti's freeze power can stun you longer than the blue whales tail slap can especially when you're hit by a snowball. And lastly the phoenixes fire tornado track you and send fire which burns you. Lava tucans are not predators but can kill you because they spit fire out which can kill you. Later on I will add images to show you what you blue whale looks like in the game.

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